20 pc  #2 Cam's Nasty Bend "Minnow" Red Hooks

20 pc #2 Cam's Nasty Bend "Minnow" Red Hooks

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Cams Nasty Bend "Minnow" Hooks are Chemically sharpened for Extreme penetration and 190% easier Hook-up!! My hooks are constructed of extra light wire eliminating excessive damage when puncturing Baits and are designed with an extra wide Nasty Bend between the point and the shank for baiting minnows. Their specially Tempered wire will flex before breaking. Perfect for crappie.


 Features and Benefits
  • Light wire construction provides strength and flexibility
  • Cam's Nasty "Bend Minnow" Hooks design makes the point rotate toward pressure for quick and easy hooking
  • Fine wire point allows baitfish to swim for longer
  • Single style
  • Deadly Blood Red finish

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